Cleveland police offer $1,000 reward after 40 vehicles damaged in vandalism spree

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UPDATE: The Cleveland Police Department is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of those involved in the vandalism last week that left over 40 cars with damaged our broken windshields.

Police say that anyone with information can call the Criminal Investigations Division at 423-476-1121 or you may leave a confidential tip via a Facebook message.

PREVIOUS STORY: Cleveland Police are looking for who is behind more than 40 cases of vandalism. The suspects threw rocks and bricks into the windows of several cars. Police responded to the first call around 6:00 Saturday morning and the calls kept coming in from multiple neighborhoods.

Police are investigating dozens of complaints of property damage throughout across the northern part of Bradley County. Neighbors say they are disappointed crime like this is happening in their hometown.

Neighbors in Cleveland are moving their vehicles off the streets and inside garages after a string of vandalism. The Vaught family discovered the damage Saturday morning. “My neighbor called and said ‘I hate to give you the bad news but it looks like someone threw a brick through the window of your car.’ And sure enough that was the case,” said Laud Vaught.

Laud Vaught called the police and learned his family wasn’t the only target. “When I called the police they said I wasn’t the first by any means. I was number 25 on the list.”

A few miles away the Brown family was also hit. “This is our daughter’s sweet 16 car. Her birthday car. It is a little disheartening. It is frustrating people feel the need to damage other people’s property,” said Carla Brown.

Investigators say they have no suspects. Disappointing for families as they begin dishing out money for repairs. “People are that mean these days. Whoever is doing it can’t find something more creative to do with their time instead of damaging people’s property.”

“People feel they have the right to take something that is not theirs, if they have access or can get access to it,” said Vaught.

Victims who have grown up in Cleveland say the rash of crime is taking away from the small city feel. “It is going on all over the country. Even now in the smaller towns like Cleveland, we are getting the bad stuff. I don’t know if it is copy cats, them wanting attention, or gangs. I would hate to think we have gangs here in Cleveland Tennessee,” said Brown.

Until the vandals are behind bars, police are urging everyone to be on the lookout. “You don’t know when they are coming. You don’t know if they are going to hit your area. It is not fair to have to guard your home, but unfortunately people have to guard their homes,” said Evie West with the Police Department.

The police department is adding patrols in the area, but a spokesperson says officers can’t be everywhere at once. She encourages anyone who notices suspicious activity or has information on these crimes to call police at 423-476-1121 and ask to speak to a Criminal Investigations Division Detective or leave a confidential tip via CPD FB inbox.

PREVIOUS STORY: Cleveland Police have responded to over 40 incidents of property vandalism this weekend. They say the suspects drove through areas sometime through Friday night into Saturday morning and threw rocks and bricks into the front windshields and back windows of vehicles. Now the police department is urging everyone to be on look out.

Bradley Clark woke up Saturday morning to find a rock through his back windshield. “The rock was in the driver’s seat floor board. I don’t know if someone short threw it, if someone threw it sideways. But somehow it ended on the floor board,” said Clark.

He is one of the 41 victims hit in the Cleveland area. Neighbors across the city are the target of vandals. “There is something wrong with people. What are they doing? They are not stealing anything.. It’s vandalism.”

Police responded to the first call around 6am Saturday morning and the calls kept coming. “There is no telling who it is. Adults or children. Hopefully we get to the bottom of this and we’ll get them charged,” said Evie West with the Cleveland Police Department.

Clark says this isn’t the first time his quiet community has been hit. “You’re on their mercy. They can come at any time, you don’t stand a chance,” said Clark.

Cleveland Police say they will be out monitoring the communities. They encourage neighbors to keep their eyes out for any unusual behavior. “You don’t know when they are coming. You don’t know if they are going to hit your area. It is not fair to have to guard your home, but unfortunately people have to guard their homes,” said West.

With the police out in force and investigators looking into leads neighbors wait for justice to be served. “I hope they catch somebody. Some people need to get a job… get a life,” said Clark.

Officers say if you see any suspicious behaviors to call the dispatch center. Not only were vehicles hit some neighbors saw rocks and bricks through their living room windows as well.

Anyone with information on these crimes or know the suspects involved, please call 423-476-1121 to speak to a Criminal Investigations Division Detective or leave a confidential tip via CPD FB inbox.

February 18, 2016 |

Dozens of car windows shot out with BB gun


ABC6 – Providence, RI and New Bedford, MA News, Weather

By: Melissa Randall


Police in New Bedford, MA are searching for vandals who are using BB guns to shoot out windows. Nearly 2 dozen cars, and a handful of homes, were hit in the North End over the weekend. Thankfully no one was struck by the pellets, but neighbors are understandably frustrated.

The vandals really did a number on the cars, which now have to be repaired. The cost of the damage is estimated to be in the thousands. Jeff Glaser, the assistant manger at Glaser Auto Glass on Purchase St. says his phones have been ringing off the hook. By Tuesday morning he already had 10 people make appointments.

“The newer windows are safety glass, but this back glass here is tempered glass. So when a BB hits it, it just explodes into many, many pieces,” explained Glaser.

So far the owners 22 vehicles and 5 homes have reported being struck by the BB pellets Sunday night. The vandal or vandals managed to cover a lot of ground. Police believe the shooter was driving in a car and firing through a window, but with out an eye witness they can’t be sure. They caused damage on Princeton St., Ashley Boulevard and Felton Street among others.

Raymond Bolger’s property wasn’t hit, but he is frustrated by what’s happening.

“It’s disturbing because you know you kind of have to watch out in your neighborhood,” said the North End resident.

Others who live near by tell ABC6 News they are on edge. Some even plan to put up security cameras. Dan Dauphinee says the vandalism is becoming a pattern, and he’s sick of things like this happening near his home.

“We had vandalism to our car last year. They spray painted our car and a few other cars down the road,” he said. “It’s disrespectful and it makes you feel crappy.”

Police do not have any suspects at this time. Anyone with information is asked to call New Bedford detectives at 508-991-6300 X 79519 or the anonymous tip line at 58-961-4584.

February 18, 2016 |

Chrysler recalls Windshield Primer Issue



(Chrysler) is recalling 184 model year 2015-2016 Chrysler Town and Country, and 2014-2015 Dodge Grand Caravan vehicles manufactured August 16, 2014, to December 5, 2015.


The windshield on the recalled vehicles may have been installed using expired urethane primer, allowing the windshield to become displaced in the event of a crash. As such, these vehicles fail to comply with the requirements of Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) number 212, “Windshield Mounting.”


If the windshield dislodges during a crash, there is an increased risk of occupant injury.


Chrysler will notify owners, and dealers will replace the windshield, free of charge. The recall is expected to begin on March 4, 2016.


Owners may contact Chrysler customer service at 1-800-853-1403. Chrysler’s number for this recall is S02.

February 18, 2016 |

Service Bulletin released from GM Over Possible Sunroof Breakage


Service Bulletin released from GM Over Possible Sunroof Breakage

General Motors management says the sunroofs on their Chevrolet Cruze 2015-14 and Buick Regal 2015 may break, according Several owners complained that their sunroofs shattered to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The report indicates, “the glass sunroof panel can break. Dealers will inspect the sunroof glass panel and replace it if necessary.”

“While driving the 2014 Chevrolet Cruze on the highway at 68 mph, the sunroof glass shattered causing small shards of glass to fall into my face and clothing, as well as outside the top of the vehicle,” one owner reported to NHTSA.

“There was no chance of road debris hitting the closed sunroof glass, nor was there an overpass from which anything could have fallen off of to make an impact. The glass exploded and spider-webbed the entire sunroof,” the owner said.

An owner of a 2015 Buick Regal reported to NHTSA, “The sunroof exploded as I was driving down the road. I heard a very large pop and I looked under the cover of the sunroof and there was a large hole right in the middle. Glass fell through when I opened up the cover. Nothing hit it. There were no cracks in it.”

GM officials had not yet responded to a request for comment at press time.

February 18, 2016 |
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