We drive traffic

Auto Glass Review is a MUST have for Auto Glass Shop businesses. We drive traffic, here’s how it works:

We drive traffic

  • Auto Glass Shops/Business Owners register a profile and create a listing.
  • All registered users are provided with a live dashboard, both owners and consumers.
  • Consumers/Users have the ability to search local shops in their area and review them.
  • Only verified Consumers/Users can rate their business experience with the Auto Glass Shop.
  • Auto Glass Shops can interact directly with consumers through their dedicated listing.
  • AutoGlassReview.com has been engineered to provide results for shops that create a business profile. It’s not just about getting people to the directory to find your business, once you list with us our on page SEO platform will expose your listing directly within the Google search results! Once clicked on, the consumer is directed to your dedicated pages within our directory. As you can see from the listing below, just 2 days after being created it was listed with Google and already on the top of page 2 when searching (“Auto Glass Tyler TX,  or Auto Glass Reviews Tyler, TX”)  See example below

google search results auto glass reviews

The difference between Auto Glass Review and other “Auto Glass Search” websites.

  • Auto Glass Review, unlike other solutions does not play the role of “Middle Man”.
  • Auto Glass Review gives Shop Owners the ability to work directly with the consumer.
  • Auto Glass Review does not take any cut of the Shops business.
  • Auto Glass Review does not charge any type of fees for so called “leads” or “pay by call”
  • Auto Glass Review is a simple, clean and straight forward directory that gives shop owners complete control.
  • Auto Glass Review is affordable. One job can cover your yearly subscription. Featured listings are also available.
  • Auto Glass Review will even build your listing if the owner needs assistance.
  • Auto Glass Review has powerful SEO features, you’ll be smack in front of people that need service! We drive traffic!
  • Auto Glass Review website is easy to use and your listings will look great too!
  • Auto Glass Review is aware of the monopoly taking place in this industry, we are here for the small business!
  • Auto Glass Review is not looking in from the outside, we are veterans in the auto glass industry. We know the business.

Let’s get the small business owner in front of the consumer and eliminate the monopoly. Finally a solution that enables a fair playing field for all Auto Glass Shops!

We offer two affordable plans:

Before selecting your plan, please register and create your listing first.




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